Scott Quayle - Director, Life Films

Scott Quayle - Director, Life Films


I have been involved in video production for over 15 years through my work in the corporate world, however the concept of creating Life Films came about almost by accident.

An old school friend had terminal cancer and only had a short time left. My wife said to me “why don’t you interview Marty and create a story of his life?”

So we pitched the idea to Marty and his wife Tasha and they loved it.

We got him in front of the camera and he told his story.

3 weeks later he passed away.

He left behind his wife and 2 young sons, parents, a younger brother and many friends.

Being able to give them this film, so that they can relive some of his favourite memories – watching him tell these stories in his words, with lots of very important and sentimental photos to help illustrate each one – it was very special.

Since then I have created many more Life Films and each and every one has been a privilege.

I take great care in making sure each person feels comfortable in front of the camera and have spent many years crafting my interview technique to get the best possible result.

Everybody has a story to tell, and it would be an honour to tell yours.